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PES 2014 is a Sports ゲーム for Windows devices developed by Konami. The latest version of PES 2014 is 1 compatible with system version Windows XP and higher. The last mod was released on 21-6-2017 and is available directly on PES 2014 is the property and trademark from the developer Konami. Please note that we only provide the original and free package installation without any modifications. Check our "safe download" sign to get the latest report from McAfee to see if the PES 2014 download is completely secure.


PES 2014 takes to the field once again, this time with a focus on gameplay. PES 2014 A new graphics engine, improved animations and a great atmosphere are the main highlights of this edition. Leagues, cups, tournaments, and online multiplayer
Pro Evolution Soccer, which already has a patch available for download , offers several modes of play:
During the loading stages, you'll get  tips on shots and moves to do in specific situations in a game, a useful intermission that takes advantage of any dead time!
The PES 2014 menu design isn't bad, but in terms of usability, it's definitely a step back from the modern and new FIFA 14. Total freedom of movement on the field
The game controls in PES 2014 haven't undergone any major upheavals. The main new feature is the TrueBall Tech : with the improved control of the analog stick, you can stop or control the ball through 360 degrees. The result is a striking realism and unprecedented freedom of movement in PES. This is made possible by improved ball physics, meaning there's no longer that annoying "bowling ball" effect that accompanied the series for years.
Also improved are the tackles , which are now much more fluid and believable. The power, weight and physical strength of the players can affect the outcome or impact of the shoulder to shoulder struggles between players.
Maneuvers are more logical now too; the game favors  team play and the pace is slower than in previous years. It's more difficult to steal the ball from a player and get it in the back of the net. Now, you'll need to study the position of players on the field and get the timing right to take advantage of teammates' play or to take a shot on goal.
Gone from PES 2014 are the abrupt direction changes of past games; in their place are more natural movements. The cross is calibrated in a more "manual" way than before, while the shots are more believable, despite some trajectories seeming a bit steered.
The  goalkeepers have improved as well. They have excellent animations and some of the saves are incredible. The way they come out for high balls and crosses is convincing, although the slowness and lack of reactivity of the goalkeeper when facing a striker leaves a lot to be desired (Y button on the Xbox joypad).
Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest highlights of PES 2014. The players handled by the CPU move well and appear more unpredictable, work as a team and when necessary, are able to take shots that leave you speechless. for PES 2014 apk download There are 6 selectable difficulty levels for the AI.
But playing well in PES 2014 also requires tactics which are suited to your team. The range of plays is more limited than in FIFA, but the excellent editor makes up for this deficiency by giving you the ability to create a number of modules. An extraordinary game climate 
The new Fox graphics engine in PES 2014 works well. All details have been taken into consideration, and the physical resemblance of the virtual players to the real ones is impressive (but only for the famous ones; the "not-so-well known" ones are a bit rough around the edges). Greate care was taken in the production of each of the levels, with excellent choreographic details and unique banners for each team.
Despite these improvements, the engine still has to mature: we noticed occasional frame drops , although these don't affect the gaming experience. In addition, there is the inexplicable lack of rain or snow. It's not a dealbreaker, but it's certainly unusual for a game of this caliber.
Another new feature to PES 2014 is the almost total absence of "binary": the players now move with total freedom and without pre-determined frameworks.
The sound effects are perhaps the best element of PES 2014. The audience is the 12th player on the field, supporting the team with an incessant roar, galvanizing every risky move, whistling at opponents and urging their heroes towards the goals, espec
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    PES 2014 1

    Advantages: More simulation and greater teamwork, Amazing atmosphere,