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Web-App TaxACT Online オンライン.


TaxACT Online is a web app that will help U.S. TaxACT Online wage earners file federal taxes for free on their PC.

Taxes are the kind of thing you shouldn't leave for later, as much as you might want to. TaxACT Online is a popular finance and budget tool that helps you get your tax returns ready in no time. TaxACT Online features all the tools you need to prepare your federal and state tax return in-browser. Then you can choose to either e-file or print it the return out and manually send it in.
Taxes are not an easy topic, but TaxACT Online makes it easier on everyone with detailed tutorials, an in-depth Q&A section, and handy videos that cover all the important topics and offer you step-by-step directions in order to fill out the forms correctly.
Recognized forms

TaxACT Online lets you prepare different sorts of tax returns (including 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ ) and includes a series of special tools to help you obtain the highest refund possible. TaxACT Online also recognizes work done on an independent contractor basis in a 1099-MISC and will help you deduct the taxes you owe right from your federal and state refunds if you haven't yet paid in.
Students and recent graduates can also breathe easy. If you received a 1098-T for TaxACT Online apk download documenting how much tuition you paid in last year or a 1098-E reflecting how much interest you paid your lender on your student loans, TaxACT Online will prompt you to input it into its calculations to ensure you get the maximum amount of deductions possible in that regard.
Business owners, as well as those who received income from some other form of self-employment, alimony, and a variety of other sources are all covered by TaxACT Online's comprehensive filing walkthrough.
State filing

It's also possible to file your state returns through TaxACT Online for a reasonable fee. The process is the same, and you have the option to pay this filing fee through a deduction of your refund or else by credit card.
When you've completed both federal and state filing forms, TaxACT Online also lets you go through any alerts it's found to ensure you're double checking your information before submitting. If the program notices a discrepancy, it will inform you and give you the opportunity to review it.
If you'd prefer to do your taxes for free from your desktop instead, there is a TaxACT desktop version available as well.
If you're looking for easy, reliable tax software to prepare your basic tax returns however, TaxACT Online is definitely an excellent choice. ベストWebアプリケーション TaxACT Online オンライン.

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    Advantages: Very well documented, Easy-to-use interface, Support for several kinds of tax returns

    Disadvantages: Additional fee for filing state taxes