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最後のバージョン: 1.5.1

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PokEvolver - Pokemon Go Trainers Toolkit- evolution calculator, pokemon location MAP coordinates, gym battle simulator, IV calculator

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UNO is a Themes アプリ for マック devices developed by UNO. The latest version of UNO is 1.5.1 compatible with system version Mac OS X and higher. The last mod was released on 30-12-2017 and is available directly on UNO is the property and trademark from the developer UNO. Please note that we only provide the original and free package installation without any modifications. Check our "safe download" sign to get the latest report from McAfee to see if the UNO download is completely secure.


UNO is a version of the popular card game that has been created especially so that it can be played by solo gamers on their computer. The rules of the game are easy to understand which means that players of all ages should be able to get in on the action with no trouble at all. Deal Me In
The game can be played in several different languages and there are two different versions of UNO to choose from. As in the original game players are dealt cards from the four different coloured suits and they must makes sets in order to win. Gamers play against the computer which is set at medium difficulty level to give players a good chance of winning the game without making things so easy that they lose interest quickly. While UNO is usually played with a group of friends or family members this version has been created by solo players only which limits the amount of fun that can be had in the long run. Are You are Card Game Lover?
People who are already fans of the original card game are sure to have endless hours of fun playing the computer version. Despite the fact that the graphics leave a little to be desired UNO is available free of charge and is extremely addictive. Changes Fixed iTunes 7 skin LCD frequency spectrum visualizer Fixed an issue that would prevent UNO from functioning correctly at first launch if User had never changed Appearance Options in System Preferences (UNO would be looking for a non existing key). Made all file handling less dependent on environment variables (this enhances reliability on systems with "messed up" environment variables). Assigned "Enter/Return" key to "Install" and "OK" buttons. Assigned "Esc" key to "Cancel" buttons. (This allow less mouse clicking and is a temporary workaround to allow UNO installation on 800x600 setups by pressing "Enter" at the "Install" panel). Code cleanup and UI cleanup.Removed unused UI elements and unused code blocks left over from a experimental feature that could be the culprit of a rare problem. Small menubar items (20% reduction) are back by popular request.
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    UNO 1.5.1

    Advantages: The game is highly addictive, Easy to get to grips with, Free to